Chat App for Nextcloud


I’m looking for a chat app for my nextcloud. I have been looking around but could’nt really find something promising.

Does anyone know about a “facebook-like-chat-app” ? I found this one: JavaScript XMPP Chat - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud
Does this app really work?

Will this feature be available in future Nextcloud releases maybe?

I’m really not a fan of the Spreed.ME app.


As you can see from the appstore, the app JavaScript XMPP Chat was updated really recently.

If you want to test it, have a look to the page on how to Install ojsxc

There is also a project to integrate a Contacts menu in Nextcloud:

If you read the Github thread you can see that the ojsxc developer is involved.

@Spartachetto Wow thank you!

That looks really awesome! Hope it will be available soon! :grin:

I hope so :wink:, otherwise open an issue.

Does anyone has experience whether an xmpp app for android (e.g. xabber) can connect the installation in nextcloud? In nextcloud the chat works, but some users would like to use it with their mobilephones as well.

Thanks and best regards

@kamikaze for this use case you currently have to use an external XMPP server. The internal XMPP server does not allow external clients.

Btw. there is also a special section for such kind of questions:

Thanks a lot, then I’ll start one of the first topics there;-)
I’m not quite sure, what do you mean exactely with external xmpp server. So I prefer to install my own, if possible. But I’ll start a topic in your mentionned section.