Changing "Username or email" tooltip on login page


I’d like to change the “Username or email” tooltip which is displayed on the initial login screen of NextCloud.


I can see all the the localisations in ./core/l10n/ but changing en_GB.js doesn’t change the login screen.

I can see “Username or email” string also in ./core/js/dist/login.js but if I’m reading it right it’s referring to the localisation files, so I need to update the ./core/l10n/ files to make changes.

Can anyone advise what the most sensible way of making changes to this tooltip are?

Many thanks,

Hey adam, have you ever found this out?

I never did figure it out. :frowning: If you do, please post what you learn!

still searching i need this one change lol

Normally the English strings are hardcoded. They (and also the translations) are not meant to be changed and will be overwritten after every update.