Changing "Username or email" tooltip on login page


I’d like to change the “Username or email” tooltip which is displayed on the initial login screen of NextCloud.


I can see all the the localisations in ./core/l10n/ but changing en_GB.js doesn’t change the login screen.

I can see “Username or email” string also in ./core/js/dist/login.js but if I’m reading it right it’s referring to the localisation files, so I need to update the ./core/l10n/ files to make changes.

Can anyone advise what the most sensible way of making changes to this tooltip are?

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Hey adam, have you ever found this out?

I never did figure it out. :frowning: If you do, please post what you learn!

still searching i need this one change lol

Normally the English strings are hardcoded. They (and also the translations) are not meant to be changed and will be overwritten after every update.

Depending on version:

NC23 you edit ./core/js/dist/login.js file.
Find and replace the string, “Username or email”.

In NC24 you edit ./dist/core-login.js
Find and replace the same string as above.


however, like stated before…every time you upgrade, the .js file is overwritten and you must edit it again.

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Hey JP, thanks for the reply!