Changing the username in Nextcloud

I have setup Nextcloud, and connected it to an Active Directory server. Unfortunatly, it imports the SSID instead of the SamAccountName, so instead of jhjacobs81 as username, i now have E024381-D825-4534-945A-06751CBF1D1 as username…

Is this an easy fix, or am i better off creating a new instance? It shows the correct name in the web interface, but it makes the folders in the filesystem rather ackward to search through :slight_smile:

search the forum, please. i remember this has been discussed here before.

Obviously, using the search i did not found what i was looking for…

So you took the time to tell me to search the forum, but you could not take the time to tell me if this is easy to fix hmm?

on that note, adding ldap to the search gave me something.

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good. please also post the solution when you find it yourself, so others that discover the post know what helped resolve this.

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