Changing the Link name


is it possible to change the name of the Link i create?

Because we are sending a lot of links in one Email and now its not possible to see whats behind the link is.

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Mark Gjaltema

For earlier versions than nextcloud 18 there is an app for it. This app is not compatible with nc18. ( )

BUT! changing the links names can be a security issue. Better practice is to type some info before each link when you write the email.

What would be the security risk?

Easily guessed sharenames can be searched for and leaked.

Well, okay - but there could still be a password on it

Here is a link with the compatibility issue with NC18, the developers are still active, they will have to adapt to the changes in NC 18:

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Hope that I can release a new version soon. :smiley:


Too bad the sharerenamer app is not official and considered “unsafe” by the core team – it has many valuable uses like re-establishing old shares on a new installation. Or – for that matter – creating a descriptive readable link for public sharing. Both cases imply no security risk but are simply helpful. That’s why I reverted my installation back to NC 17 – sad…
and many thanks to DecaTec

Sharing Path works with NC18.

HI, you can easly change shared link if you edit data base with phpmyadmin

you can change it with modification into database with phpmyadmin, its easy

Hey, I know this thread is very old, but I am the new maintainer of sharerenamer and I have just released Version 3.0.0 with compatibility for Nextcloud 22 and 23 :slight_smile: