Changing the default file type


My client has a request. The current default format, when I create a new file, is ODT. I found that I can change it to OOXML.

My client wants DOCX, XLSX.

They need to send files via email. They want to ensure that the file can be read, so they want MS formats. They are not comfortable that any random person would be able to open the ODT without additional software. (I get that there are other ways, but…the client is always right.)

I pointed out that they can download the file as DOCX, but they are concerned they will forget. So they just want to create DOCX files automatically.


Which office suite you are using?

For OnlyOffice MS files are default IIRC.

Hi @JennyLucas

Sorry but I’m not sure I understand your question… Are you asking what we think about your client wanting to create DOCX files or does it not work as expected when you change the default format to OOXML?

If the former is the case. Just switch it over. Anything other than that will only lead to more support efforts and discussions and in the end you will switch it anyway :wink:

Or you could install Onlyoffice in parallel, then they could use that for DOCX and Collabora for ODT. But I would only do that if you have to use this cloud too and you otherwise prefer to use ODT. If the cloud belongs to the customer, just give them what they want. Everything else is a waste of your time imho.

I just tried OOXML and it does EXACTLY what I wanted. Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction. I simply didn’t know that the option existed.

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