Changing password doesn't work

Hi guys, I’ve just installed NextCloud on my dedicated server, everything is working just fine but I’ve got a little problem… Can’t change my users’ password…

When I change one of my users’ password from the admin panel and hit enter I got an error in the console :

POST 503 ()

However changing the password from the user is working ! Weird isn’t it ?

Moreover, logging in is extremly slow, I had to increase the timeout of nginx because I was having 504 errors… Do you think it’s because of the encryption ? Because the machine is fine ! 7Go memory left and the CPU doesn’t exceed 5%

I hope to here from you soon :slight_smile: Bye !


Here’s my configuration :
Nextcloud version : 12.0.3
OS : Debian 9.2
Reverse Proxy : Nginx
Containers : LXC (+docker because of Collabora :expressionless: )
Web Server : Nginx
Encryption app : Default encryption module

For error 503 you have to check your server error logs.

I’m not sure how this is exactly implemented now. Because normally the encryption key is protected with the user’s password. So you loose a user’s files unless you have enabled the master key. If you don’t use external storage, there is little benefit of server-side encryption. I have seen a lot of trouble with that in the past and regarding the missing real advantages, I’d rather wait for the client-side encryption which will be implemented soon (plan for NC 13).

Your configuration might be not ideal. Do you use memory caching (redis & apcu)? Check your database caches, especially when you have RAM left, this can improve the speed considerably.

Here’s the only log I got about this : - - [28/Nov/2017:19:10:28 +0000] “POST /settings/users/changepassword HTTP/1.0” 503 5722 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:57.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/57.0”

I’d rather say : nothing…

I don’t understand why you’re saying the encryption is almost useless because as you mentioned, the private key is protected using the user’s password… I heard about the E2E encryption and I hope it will be released soon, but honestly the server-side encryption looks like a good feature to me ! (Supposing it’s well implemented)

I’m using memory caching (of PHP) but I will dig into mariadb’s cache to see if there’s any way to improve that !

Thanks for your time tflidd :wink:


That’s the access log. There should be a error log as well, perhaps you need to enable it in your webserver configuration.