Changing nextcloud url from to

As the title suggests, I am trying to change the url of my nextcloud from to

I have updated my apache2 and nextcloud .configs and restarted but with no luck.

Am I missing something simple? Do I need to reinstall?


Hi @Higgs2209 and welcome to the forum.

I wouldn’t recommend doing so. It would be better to change the subdomain from www to cloud or something else.

Not sure, but I’d say you would have to move the nextcloud folder to a subfolder of your current webroot, if you absolutely want to do it like that. But as I already said, I higly recommend to use different subdomains / webroots for different services, instead of multiple subfolders under the same (sub)domain / webroot.

Hi bb77,

Thanks for your reply!!

Do you know how I would change it to a subdomain? Is it as simple as changing Configs?

Do I have to do anything to my dns/domain provider?


Yes, in addition to changing the configs (Apache and Nextcloud config.php), you would also have to change your existing DNS record from www to whatever subdomain you want to use. Also if you are using signed SSL certificates, from e.g. Let’s Encrypt, you have to re-issue them for the new subdomain, unless you are using a wildcard certificate.

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Thanks bb77,

That helps me out a lot!

I appreciate the help and quick response.

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