Changing nextcloud config (docker)


Im having some issues with adding a trusted reverse proxy in the nextcloud config.

I have docker running with a caddy container and a nextcloud container with caddy setup as a reverse proxy for nextcloud. Since nextcloud thinks all login attempts are coming from the same source aka the caddy container i get the error message:

Too many requests

I have tried changing the config.php file by entering the containers file system using

docker exec -i -t /bin/bash

But as you probably figured, I wouldnt be posting this here if that worked. The problem i had with that was that i couldnt use nano or vim inside the container which complicated things.

I have also tried mounting the nextcloud config to my host os by adding:

-v ~/nextcloud:/config

To my startup command, but when i go to look at ~/nextcloud the folder is empty.

So now my question is, how can i edit the nextcloud config?