Changing cards via deck api - updating and archiving

i would like to work with nextcloud deck through api, but i have two problems :frowning:
while trying to change card with curl
curl -u jakub:password X PUT 'https://my-nextcloud/index.php/apps/deck/api/v1.0/boards/4/stacks/11/cards/19' -d 'title=Today Tasks' -d 'type=plain' -d 'description=09807090' -d 'owner:jakub' -H "OCS-APIRequest: true"
I get :
{"status":400,"message":"owner must be provided"}
what is the corect wat to provide owner ? There is no mention of it in the docs unfortunatelly.
can i use the API to archive the cards ? will
-d "archived: true"
be enough after i work out problem number 1 ?

edit :
this is my user from occ command :expressionless:

  • user_id: jakub
  • display_name: Jakub
  • email: xxx
  • cloud_id: xxx
  • enabled: true
  • groups:
    • admin
  • quota: none
  • last_seen: 2021-04-17T18:52:37+00:00
  • user_directory: /var/www/html/data/jakub
  • backend: Database

well, it seems (via nodered http request) “owner”: “jakub” solved the case.
“archive”: true/false also works.