Changing Browser behavior


Is it possible to change the standard behavior of the Internet Browser (IE11) to open files with Programs (Word, Excel …) instead of save the files?

Nextcloud: 12.0.3, Apache 2.4.18, PHP 7.0, Maria DB on Ubuntu 16.04.03 LTS

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I believe I saw a line of code in any nextcloud file that allows only to download the file, but not open it with a program.

However, you could try to make some settings in IE11. Under “Internet Options” withing the Tab “Programs” there is some button named like “File Association” (don’t know correct name). Maybe you can change something there to make IE open the file instead of downloading it.
Nonetheless I believe it won’t work.

If you need to edit office files directly and don’t want to download and re-upload them, Collabora or Onlyoffice could be interesting for you. There are Apps for these.

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