Changes made in OnlyOffice aren't reflected in Collabora

Not sure if this is by design.

Running self hosted Nextcloud version 23.0.0 within FreeBSD Jail within TrueNAS 12.0-U6.1
Apps Collabora Online 5.0.0, OnlyOffice 7.2.1
Docker Images: collabora/code:, onlyoffice/documentserver:

Both Collabora and Onlyoffice Docker Images represent latest versions which can be pulled from dockerhub.

In terms of editing, both editors tend to work however they don’t seem to be compatible.

Within Collabora I can make edits, save documents, and re-open within OnlyOffice and all prior edits were preserved – however the converse is not true.

If I make edits within OnlyOffice and reopen document within Collabora - none of the edits made in OnlyOffice are shown.

Is this by design?? Is Collabora now not recognizing OnlyOffice edits (both documents saved in .docx format). There used to be a time when this was not the case.