Changes in .txt-file not visible


I’m using nextcloud 11.0.2 on the server and the Android App 1.4.2.

The following is a bit strange:

  • deleting a file on my PC gets automatically synced and the file is missing on my nextcloud-webpage and gets removed in the list from my smartphone (within the android app >> all good).
  • add a file, same thing (all good)

But I’ve stored a .txt-file in one of my nextcloud-directories. Then I’ve changed this file on my PC. This file got synced to my nextcloud-server. So I can see the change on my nextcloud-webpage, but nothing happens on the android app.

I’ve pulled down the screen, to get the loading icon and remove files disappered and refreshed ones get a new “date/time”. But when I selected one and opened it, the file is still outdated. So the changes are not visible.

If I select the file, click on the three-dot-menu and click on “sync” the app starts a new download of this file and afterwards the changes appear.

This is a bit too complicated.

Is that a problem due to a setting or a bug?


Hi there!
I am experiencing the same problem (NC Version 11.0.3, android app 1.4.3). But when I click “…” and force to sync, my app answers that the download was not possible … ???

Does anyone have the same problem?

THX in advance!