Changes in folder structure isnt syncing

Hi, I´m using Nextcloud and it is syncing my files but i have a very annoying problem now, i hade a lote of folders and files in the the root of nextcloud previously which i now have deleted and re orgnaised a lot but that changes want sync so it is till looking as before in the web version, mobile app and so on event though the nextcloud desktop app says that all is synchroinsed. Is it possible to fix this?


Where and how did you reorganize the files? In the web-interface?

I did it in one of the syncronized computer a windows machine

Normally these changes are synched back, in some cases this can fail and leads to deletion and reupload of the file (to be checked in your case). If that should happen in your case, we need to figure out if the sync client has a problem or if there is a communication problem with the server. Especially syncing speed can be extremely slowed down if the database caches are not set up properly.

In your situation, it is better to check small changes before you do tons of modifications. If the system is has no problem it might just take longer to propagate all these changes to the server (and then to the other clients).

Alternative, do the changes directly on the server, either on the web-interface or via webdav connection (clients like winscp). If they do things slowly, you know you have to improve the server-side (database, file locking cache, …).

Thanks for the help, i think i will delete and re upload everything then and for now on make these changes on the web interface.