Changelog for 29.0.1?

Hi all,

I get notified since about a week that Nextcloud server 29.0.1 is available by my desktop client. However when I go to Nextcloud server changelog I don’t see a changelog for 29.0.1 - only for 29.0.0.

Can anyone tell me where I find the changes that were made?


I tried to ping them, it’s obviously missing. If you need that information urgently, you’ll find some changelogs from github:

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And you got some on the forum as well:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

My main motivation to look into the changelog was, that I wanted to request this new version to be added to my Linux distro (Gentoo). I’ve amended the ticket to point to your suggested locations on Github and this forum.

Ok, someone has added the changelog for NC 29.0.1.

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