Changed password changed, but no new login for others required

Hi everybody,

me and my friends are a group of 6 and use all the same login in the web as well as on the deskop-version. Till last month we were one more, but because the one person quited I changed the password, so the one doesn’t have access to the cloud anymore. But with one exception everybody can access to the cloud and the files on the cloud without entering the new password. Why don’t the system check if the correct login data is correct and if not is asking for the new password? Because that’s what I want.
It’s the first time that this happened, but I never tried this before too.

details of the system:

Nextcloud version 3.4.1
Operating system and version windows-10.0.19045
Apache or nginx version I don’t know
PHP version I don’t know

I hope you can help me to fix this problem.


If already authenticated, then it’ll depend on configured session timeouts, browser cookies, etc. But you can manually eliminate other sessions by going to Personal->Security then Devices & sessions (under three dots menu you can “Revoke”).

P.S. This isn’t the crux of your current issue, but sharing logins like this seems sub-optimal. Have you considered using shared files/folders and/or groupfolders or any number of other possibilities? If you were all using NC via the web interface… maybe, but combining the sync client into the picture makes this sound like a fragile setup.

Hi jtr,

thanks for this solution. It worked, but you are right, our current situation of login is not the best. The problem is: we are a small club (an amateur choir) with not much money. The association of the choirs of my region is funding our account of the cloud, but for this we just have 5 users aviable for 6+2 persons. Thats why we have to share the login.

If you’re hosting this yourself there shouldn’t be a practicable limit to the number of user accounts you can set up. Then you can use group folders or shared folders as @jtr suggested. How are you running nextcloud currently ?