Change things in NextCloud 14

Hi, I now updated to NextCloud 14 and there are some things I must change but I can not change it in settings! So you know the appropriate file to change it?

I need to change the about (you can enter it by clicking the user up and about) - this is new in NextCloud 14 and I really have to rename some things

Hope you can help Itay

Hey it’s kinda urgent! Does anyone know the way or file for changing it?

You can change a few things with theming:

If there are some other things you want to change, you might want to have look into the code.

I did not really find what I needed here

What do you mean you’re talking about a look into the code?

you want to change something:

so you can obviously change the everything in the code yourself. You might take a look at the apps, they can also change many things, sometimes there is an app for what you are looking for.

I just thought theming might answer some of your needs, but unless we know what you want, it’s difficult to help.

I did not find what app I was going to help me
I want to change things in about (I’ve added an image to the menu I’m talking about)
I am talking about change I mean in texts, links and other things that are there
And I did not find anything in settings or anywhere in the system because that’s why I turned for help.

With a special app (that you would need to create, or ask somebody to do so), you can add additional features that can also show up in the menus. You might ask in the app developer forum to what extent you can change menu.

The texts are in the code. And of course in the translation system which is managed on transifex. Now it depends if you just think a text is not good or badly translated. In those cases, I invite you to github (for the main English version) or transifex (for all other languages) to share the better version. If you just want to change it to anything you want, you could either change the text directly in the code, or perhaps copy the language file and create “your own language”.

Where are the files to see if I can change it on my own. You know maybe where can I find the file / files to do it?