Change the frontend player

Hi everyone, first all thanks for this awesome app.

I’am using the audio player plugin, and when i try to play an audio file an icon is show above the file is played, and the thing is that i want to know if is possible to use the same player that is used when an audio file is shared insted of this icon.

So how my english is not the best i will show what i want to say with some screenshots.

Current way that is shown when a file is played is just an speaker icon. (i can’t post the picture because i’am a new user).

But this is shown when an audio file is shared and this is what i want to have:

The 360° Player is for shared files only.

Your screenshot shows an issue with your Audio Player app, described in the wiki: You have to scan the (new) audio files in the Audio Player app first to prevent an ugly sharing screen like yours.