Change storage path

Is there a way to choose another storage path inside the android client other than the 4 default path options? Is such a feature planned in one of the next versions?

The problen I have is that the application I use on my tablet (QField) cannot load the files from the standard storage path. I’ve tested all 4, but without success.
The problem is that the app refers to layer files, that are linked by their relational path. When I copy the files manually to an directory like /storage/6340-6630/qfield everything works fine.
Using Nextcloud to sync the files to one of the proposed storage paths, I can find the files in (/storage/6340-6630/Android/media/com.nextcloud.client/nextcloud/user@domain%2Fnextcloud/qfield), but when I try to load the project, nothing happens. Could it be, that the app gets confused by the @ or % signs in the path?

Is there may be a workaround? since I suppose, that qField is not the only app, that has a problem to work with files that resides inside the defalut storage paths.

I really love Nextcloud and I would like to see it working together with another great OS software. Actually I still need to use Google drive to sync my files and I would be happy to switch entirerly to Nextcloud.

that sound pretty confusing to me…

so why don’t you just tell your cam-app to save the pics in a directory that you pick and the you’d upload it from there - as you can pick any directory you want, afaik.

usually there’s no such thing as a limitation to just 4 directories.

but maybe i got you wrong so some screenshots would be of help, of course.

and sure enough the interpreter of android-app could get confused by special characters like @ or % (but i dunno for sure)

Sorry, when it sounds confusing.
The app I’m using is QGIS together with his mobil counterpart QField. Both are GIS-software (Geographic Information Systems) that use a project file which describes all the different layers that make part of the project an how they will be displayed - in short terms.

My scenario is the following: My desktop-GIS (Qgis) defines all the layers and their symbology, so how they are displayed. The path to the layer files is relative, and all files are in the same directory as the project file. This directory lies inside the nextcloud folder on my desktop machine. When I add new features to one layer or when I change the symbology or add a new layer, all these changes are synced via Nextcloud to my mobil android device (This scenario works with Google drive). When I open the project on my tablet, all changes are there.

When I make changes in the field - since I use the tablet to collect data outside - these changes are synced back to my local files.

The rest of the story is what I described in my question. The problem as described above is that QField refuses to load files from the storage paths the Nextcloud client offers on Android.
I hope this is clearer now.