Change SSL Port for letsencrypt script

Hello! I’ve been trying to get my nextcloud up and running. I used the techandme VM image. I’ve got it up and running on port 80. But my provider is blocking 443, so I can’t use let’s encrypt to get a valid SSL, cause the script for running let’sencrypt ALWAYS wants to use 443.

Does anybody here know how to change that 443 port to a different port? say 8080? or 10756?

If your provider blocks 443, you won’t be able to use HTTPS unless you give people a direct link which includes the port you choose (assuming you can find one that is not blocked). Something like but people would always have to specify the port, which is not ideal.

Are you 100% sure it’s the provider blocking the port, or might you just need to open 443 on your firewall?

I’ve ran a port checking tool. and it says 443 is blocked but 80 is open. As a precaution I’ve also forwarded port 443 to the right server. And as another measure I also put it on the DMZ. I can access the machine internally on those port numbers, so I know there working on the server itself.

Ok, so if you’ve already forwarded 443 on your firewall, and the server is listening on 443, then something to try would be contacting your provider and asking if they will open that port for you because you want to run a private cloud for personal storage. Maybe they will help you out!

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Let’s hope so! Thanks for the help!