Change size of logos in mail (Forms?)

Hello everyone,

Since I could not find a solution in the vastness of the Google search, I would like to turn to the community of nextcloud.

I have the following problem:

When a survey is created in the NC with forms, mails are also sent to the respective user group. So far so good.
But now a logo with a size of 1917 x 1006 pixels is displayed in the email, which fills the entire upper part of the email and the users have to scroll down first.

When I searched in the settings (under designs), I found the logo. Unfortunately, I cannot change it there, as it is also used for the login page.

Is it possible to change the size of the logo sent in the mail and make it smaller?

I am grateful for any tips.

Mfg tg6300

i hope you wouldn’t mind to translate the title of your thread to english as well? :wink:

thanks, is done.

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Are you sure, you’re talking about Forms? Or maybe the Polls app?

Nextcloud Forms does not send emails by its own currently. Users can get notified by the activity app, but i don’t feel this is what you meant?


Hi, I am having a similar problem.

NC 25.0.0

Not using forms but a similar size image (1125x517) that is used as the logo in “Theming”. If I then go and create a user account, the email they receive has the logo taking up most of the body of the email.

Tried to make the image a smaller resolution but then the logo becomes too small for the login screen and share etc.

Would be good if anyone has any ideas.