Change selfsigned -> lets encrypt Certificate

Hi everybody,

I´m new in this fancy nextcloud thing and I really have to so, I like this shit :slight_smile:

but now I have a problem, I try to connect a Password Manager App to my nextcloud, but it fails because of a selfsigned certificate.

Do somebody know how to change it from selfsigned to lets encrypt?

For your info, Ubuntu 19.10 (should be the newest) and NextCloud Snap installation … what else do you need to help me?

Many thanks and big up to everybody!

Welcome to the community!

There’s probably someone who can give you a better more specific answer, I’m not super savvy with snap packages but I would start looking at the documentation for the snap package

Check the “Included CLI utilities” -section
Basically If you have a domain name pointing to your nextcloud server/computer I would assume that you can install certbot (for setting up let’s encrypt) and enable it for the domain you have set up nextcloud with. Certbot will assume that nextcloud is installed on port 80 and 443.

It also seems like there’s a utility included with the snap, try.
“sudo nextcloud.enable-https -h” for more info, you might be able to set it to use letseencrypt through that command.

Seems like the certificates are stored somewhere around here:

You also should be able to symlink the certificates to the let’s encrypt certificates which should be located here /etc/letsencrypt/live/ after you’ve installed and deployed the certificates through certbot.

Hope some of this helps!