Change number of characters in password generator


I have just started using Nextcloud and working thorough the different options and features.

I am thinking that the passwords app is going to be very useful.

I do have a question about the password generator - Random characters.

I can’t find any option in the settings to increase the number of characters it generates. Typically i user a minimum of 16 characters for my passwords but this only generates at 12. Can this be changed in one of the config files or is this a hard coded option?

Thanks in advance for any help.

The app has an integrated handbook which you can find by clicking on “More” in the app.

There you can find an explanation of all the settings in the app including the password generator settings.

In general i would not recommend the random characters generator because noone can remember these kind of passwords.

Hi mdw

Thanks for the response.

I had already check the manual you linked.

The only section talking about the number of characters is this.

Password strength

A higher number will increase the length and complexity of the generated password. Every password will have at least 12 characters minimum.

Yet I can’t find where this setting is. Unless i am blind, it does not appear on the password creation page or in the administrators settings page of the Passwords app.

You can find it in the settings within the app as described in the handbook.

The settings section can be found under More > Settings . These settings allow you to define how the app itself and the official clients behave.

Yep i am blind.

Thanks found it now.