Change nextcloud snap port

Hello to all! I installed nextcloud (latest version) via snap on Ubuntu 20.4. Nextcloud uses port 80 and 443 (https). But I have installed next to nextcloud, Apache2 for a web server. I would like to put this server in https using ports 8080 and 44343. But the let’s encrypt community asks me to change the ports of nextcloud to keep the original ones on my web server and to set https. Do you know how to change the default ports of nextcloud (by snap) and if yes, would I keep https on nextcloud despite my web server. Here is the link to my conversation with let’s encrypt : HTTPS on my website - #4 by MikeMcQ - Help - Let's Encrypt Community Support
Thanks a lot


Refer here → GitHub - nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap: :cloud::package: Nextcloud packaged as a snap

sudo snap set nextcloud ports.http=81


sudo snap set nextcloud ports.https=444


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Thanks a lot I’ll let you know if something doesn’t work!

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