Change Nextcloud ports and disable SSL


I’m trying to change the Nextcloud default port (currently 444) to 80, and disable the SSL to use Nextcloud with a CDN (Cloudflare). I installed Nextcloud on OpenMediaVault with Docker.
I tryed to change the nginx configuration (like here). After having restart the nginx services, no change was visible on the local ip of the server.

What did I do wrong?

ncp docker uses Apache not Nginx.
And default ports are
4443 (ncp-web)

Thanks for the reply.

If it uses Apache, where are the configuration files? There is nothing in / etc / apache2 / or in / sharedfolders / AppData / Nextcloud / (in this one is a nginx folder with configuration files).

I use ‘locate’ to look for and find files.

sudo apt install locate -y && sudo updatedb

if not installed
after which you can find all webserver conf files with:

sudo locate /sites-enabled/

Here is the only one result :

root@openmediavault:~# locate /sites-enabled/

Then that is why your NCP Docker cant take control of ports, one or more are already in use by Nginx.
Configure Nginx to use alternate ports, then start NCP docker and you should be fine. Apache and Nginx can both run as long as they don’t use the same ports.
Once your ncp docker is up and running you should be able to locate the path to the Apache conf files. It looks like /var/lib/docker/volumes/ncdata/_data/etc/apache2/sites-available/ on mine.