Change Nextcloud from http to https /get SSL working

Hi there,

today i clicked me a let´s encrypt certificate. Now the Nextcloud is still asking me for configuration.
Im using a simple server by the german Hoster I don’t have any ssh Option or so, just my Server via FTP, a Webinterface and the Cloud. I don´t really know what i need to do, because all manuals i found, are using the Commandline and obviously ssh to get that done.
Doe´s anyone have a solution for me? Please?! :slight_smile:

Best wishes


Let me guess, i need to configure the .htaccess … but i can’t figure out how or better what… :confused:

Without Googling your provider, I’d say you’d need to ask them how to enable SSL on your account, after which it’s just potentially one config file edit for NC to ensure it always prefers https rather than http

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Sorry for the late answer, but you were right! That solved it :slight_smile: