Change Nextcloud directory? (Not data directory)


I moved Nextcloud from /var/www/… to /var/www/subdomain/…
It seems like Nextcloud saved the old location somewhere, as I got several errors in the log (mostly with generating the CSS files). I couldn’t find a useful entry in config.php - everything there seems to be relative to the URL, which didn’t change (just the DocumentRoot in Apache, along with SetEnv for HOME and HTTP_HOME in the Nextcloud Directory).
As a workaround, I just created a link to the old location, which works fine, but it’d be nice if it’d work without it…

Normally that should not be a problem. Did you restart your webserver and the caches (Redis etc.)? I thought to have seen an option to regenerate these css files, but I can’t find it any more (neither in the command output nor in the documentation).

Update to 17.0.3 seems to have fixed the Nextcloud directory.
But for some weird reason that might be unrelated, after the update Nextcloud couldn’t write into the appdata_… directory (all permissions were OK). Renaming it and regenerating with occ maintenance:repair fixed that.

btw: Since a few versions I had to update using updater.phar from command line because the button in the settings doesn’t do anything (not even show JS errors in the console).