Change language entry for "User disabled"

I need to make a change to the default phrase for “User disabled”.

I tried setting the default language to en_GB with 'force_language' => 'en_GB', in config.php.
Then I edited l10n/en_GB.js and en_GB.json to change the User disabled line.

However, when a user who is disabled tried to log in, the phrase is not changed.
I also tried with other phrases like “Forgot password?” and those do work.

Is the “User disabled” phrase hard-code somewhere, it doesn’t seem to be pulling it from the altered language file. (I have hard reloaded and cleared caches).

I understand that altering the language files will not survive an upgrade and I don’t want to submit this change to the language repository because it is a once off change for a particular user issue.

There seem to be a few places:

$ git grep "User disabled" -- ':(exclude)*/l10n/*'
apps/admin_audit/lib/Actions/UserManagement.php:                                                : 'User disabled: "%s"',
Binary file core/js/dist/login.js matches
Binary file core/js/dist/ matches
core/src/components/login/LoginForm.vue:                                {{ t('lib', 'User disabled') }}
lib/private/User/Session.php:                   $message = \OC::$server->getL10N('lib')->t('User disabled');
tests/acceptance/features/bootstrap/LoginPageContext.php:               return Locator::forThe()->xpath("//*[@class = 'warning userDisabledMsg' and normalize-space() = 'User disabled']")->
tests/acceptance/features/bootstrap/LoginPageContext.php:                               describedAs('User disabled message on login page');

most notably the compiled login js code. Have you treid to recompile the front-end code using make build-js? See: