Change IP address server or modify sd file for clean install

Old router IP address for Nextcloud server was Server is running on Pi in a Western Digital provided snap install.

I can access with SSH. snap info nextcloud shows it’s running apache.

How to change the Config.php file?
What else needs to be changed?

Alternatively…what do I change on the SD card to allow it to do a fresh install?


Found how to do the fresh install @

Now if we can avoid that and just change the IP address…???


Use a reservation and put in your own.

Thank you, I have reserved the IP address, the server gets set with the install and I can not change it to the new reserved IP. I can’t use the old one because google wifi (new router) does not let you select, forced to use 192.168.86.### instead of 192.168.1.###.

I got 3 Google Wifi Points too and I use a reservation for nextcloud. I have mine set as and it always has worked for me.

And not to mention after doing a reservation disconnect it and then reconnect it to the network and it should fix the ip.

I did do that to begin with. I was able to reserve the new IP address but that did not fix that something was fixed to the old from the install having to deal with trusted. I think this has to do with it being the Western Digital labs for the Raspberry pie and a snap install From an SD card Image.

So I got past that but I’ve created a new problem. I restored to the original image which downgraded me to nextcloud version 9 to upgrade that I have to do a manual upgrade to 10 before it gets into being able to do it automatically. That is proving to be an issue as the guide for that Doesn’t necessarily apply. I can SSH into the box but I cannot get to the file I need, now going to connect Up direct Monitor and keyboard and Try from that angle when I get a chance .