Change in logo in community version

Good Morning!

I would like to know if in the community version, I can add the logo without problems or if this is possible only in the enterprise version? And if it is possible in the community version, if there is any legal question to change.

It’s easy.

See the docs here:

  1. Logo is the top-left corner logo (where by default you have nextcloud logo)
  2. Long-in is the background, so take a pic with some medium or low opacity/transparency to be able to ready the text.

Have fun customising!

I have a question, have some legal problem, if I change the logo, for example. Do I need to request Nextcloud authorization to use my business logo?

Hi @operacao,

Nextcloud has only one version, there is no community&enterprise version. Furthermore changing the logo of a Nextcloud installation, like also the colors, background image can be done within the web interface. Just go to the Theming part within the settings screen and change color, logo, background, server name, claim message as you see fit.

For none of the mentioned issues you have to change anything within the code. Only thing I can think of which will of course be an issue is if your Logo is based on the original logo. While for that part I’ll loop in @jospoortvliet :slight_smile:

Have fun with your Nextcloud :slight_smile:

Basically anything you need to know is in the link posted by @dacoex and like I said as long as you use your very own logo (not based on the nextcloud logo) there will be absolutely no legal issues with Nextcloud imho.