Change Hash value of favicon.ico

I always open a lot of tabs for NC forum and my NC server on my browser. As they use the same favicon.ico, it is quite confusing and sometime disturbing. So, I replace the core/img/favicon.ico with another graphic. Then, I receive the following error message.

How can I fix it?

Technical information
The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix them.


  • core
      • core/img/favicon.ico

Raw output
[core] => Array
[core/img/favicon.ico] => Array
[expected] => 108063e89ca2f5cbcaa07a487a7a1266797ec6db197dc4e39289dce4101f0d192e171e033d0884055a0cb5775026e21935c5cd9710e8e745bbb819a53570438f
[current] => 3f6b4a9c295bd09544826a47c939ad13e1ec7f31010615031f8321b024edb3cc39220bc57cc2ea9812e8c1ecf29ab457fcba4811feaaeeb3e1788dbdebc29cae

Dirty fix via file <core/signature.json> failed. :grimacing: