Change group name

Is it possible to rename a group?
i have a nextcloud 21 om mysql.
i have a group “product” and i want to rename it to “IT_Products”

Just try it out!

how? When you create a group, it’s not possible to rename.

Perhaps you can dump your MySQL database, search the entry “product” and change it with mysql commands to “IT_Products”. Sorry. Not tested.

I came here after searching in google changing group name in nextcloud.
My workaround is creating a new group - transferring the users from old group to it and emptying the original group. after logging out - the old group disappears.
This is not feasible for large groups and when using managed hosted nextcloud there is no direct access the the DB so it is not possible.

Another workaround solution would be synching contacts with another app via caldav and making the changes there.