Change from Pi 2 to Pi 3

Hi i’m new here, how can i change the NextcloudBox from the Pi2 to Pi3 on the easyest way, Without losing my Data? It is enough to change the Hard- and Software?

Thank for your answers



  1. Turn maintenance on
  2. Make backup from directories
  3. Make backup from mysql. You can use phpmyadmin when you prefer
  4. Buy new Sd-Card, because RPI3 is using microSD.
  5. Restore all data
  6. Turn maintenance mode off.

I use NextcloudPi, but just sticking the SD card into the Pi 3 worked perfectly. I just need to re-mount any fstab mounting info I’d personally configured by UUID on the Pi 2.

Hi just, that is it. I configure it right in this Moment :smiley:


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One other thing, you’ll need to re-configure the Pi from your router if it’s IP was statically assigned by MAC address

I thought Pi2 uses SD-Cards and Pi3 uses microSD-Cards? :confused:

In that case copy the SD card image to a Micro SD card.

? No both use micro sd.

You’re right. Keep it wrong in mind xD