Change folder autoupload uploads to

Hi @ios

I’ve just set up the iOS client and can’t figure out how I change the upload directory for autoupload.

I’ve set up a custom directory structure for media, the Android client uploads to a directory I’ve created in this and I’d like the put the iOS photos there too.

Is this possible?

Yes, this is possible. Go to “Settings”, “Photos”, and select the directory :wink: Does this work for you :thinking:


You’re bang on. No idea how I missed that.


I am looking for this setting and I am unable to find it. I would like to change the directory to which Nextcloud on iOS uploads photos/videos from the camera roll. I could not find it in the client settings on iOS. Thanks.

Nevermind. I have figured it out. Thanks.

Sorry for asking the same question, but I can’t find how to change the phote upload folder in 2.17. Could someone point me in the right direction?

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Same issue here, I was able to change the directory on previous versions but not on 2.17

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Thanks a lot !

Found it as well. Thank you.

I’m running Nextcloud for iOS with Nextcloud Server 12.0.2 and I do not have a Photos section in Settings. I have an Auto upload section where I can choose to auto upload photos and videos using wifi or 4G. Where is the option to set the destination folder for auto upload? Am I running a newer version of the app as shown in the solution?

Never mind - a further search of the forum revealed the answer:

Select the destination folder > swipe left > click more > choose Folder for Automatic upload