Change filename on iOS App


I would like to change the filename of the uploading file on my iPad.
How can I do this?
Actually it is only possible to get an automatic name like "filename(number)"
This could become a problem if two members would like to save their files and one would overwrite the file of the other member.

Thank you for your help!


When uploading a file the file name will stay.

Are you talking about the automatic media upload?

Thanks for your reply.
The problem is, that when two users save the templates to the same folder, there will be a sync problem, or even worse one file will overwrite the other, because the ipads save the template to the same name “template(2).pdf” for example.
I need the possility that the user can change the name individually, so the saving to the same folder will cause no problems.

Thank you

Hello Ignaz,

I did not get your workflow.

Which app is creating the file "template(2).pdf ?

Could you describe more in detail?