Change File drop page

Hi. I cannot find where to change

this string. Some help pls.

Usually that’s the user’s name who created the file drop location and cannot be changed imho.
If it’s not you user name, you should open an issue about it on GitHub:

i know that foldername and username, i want delete it on this page with change css or html page, but i cannot find it

Oh, you want to change it in code?
You could do it it /apps/files_sharing/templates/public.php:
These are the two lines with the user name:
<?php echo p($l->t('shared by %s', [$_['displayName']])); ?>
<h2><?php p($l->t('Upload files to %s', [$_['shareOwner']])) ?></h2>

You could comment out or modify these lines.

But be aware that when customizing the code, the files_sharing app will not pass the integrity check anymore. Maybe you run into unwanted side effects then.

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