Change Federated ID

I Want To change my running Federated ID … how i can do that

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@YeQais Were you able to change your Federated ID?
I’d like to change my federated id from name@www.hostname.tld to name@hostname.tld. Is that possible?
Thank you in advance.

Nextcloud version (eg, 12.0.2): 15.0.5
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 17.04): ubuntu-18.04.1-4.14-minimal
Apache or nginx version (eg, Apache 2.4.25): nginx/1.14.0 (Ubuntu)
PHP version (eg, 7.1): 7.2

The issue you are facing: When I first installed Nextcloud, I accessed it using www.hostname.tld and my federated id was user@www.hostname.tld. I changed DNS records, nginx configuration and config.php so that I can access Nextcloud instance using hostname.tld. But my federated id did not change, it is still user@www.hostname.tld. Is it possible to change it to user@hostname.tld? (I’d like to remove www after @)

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y/N): Y

My Federated cloud ID changed correctly. It is user@hostname.tld, so the original issue is not a problem anymore. The only problem I have at the moment is with Social app that for some reason thinks that my Federated cloud ID is still user@www.hostname.tld.

I fixed Social app, so it is not an issue anymore. Steps to fix:

  • Uninstall Social app
  • Delete all data from tables that match oc_social_* pattern
  • Update oc_appconfig table:
    update oc_appconfig set configvalue='https://hostname.tld' where appid = 'social' and configkey = 'address';
  • Install Social app again
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