Change e-mail reading pane?

Hi, newbe here.
my partner created a nextcloud account for me, and I love it.
I am using the website in Windows 10.
But… can I change the appaerence of the reading pane in the e-mail?
It is on the right side of the messages, but I would like to have it below the list of messages.

By the way, is there a manual to get to now this kind of settings?


if i’m not mistaken you’re talking about our mail app. We don’t plan to have a secondary layout at the moment. You’ll always see the message right to the message list.

There is no manual for the mail app, but for Nextcloud in general:


Yes, I am talking about the mail app.
to bad there is no way to get the message under the message list.
Thanx for the information and I will have a look at the user manuel.

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