Change default write permission for external storage

Is it possible to change the default write permissions to external storage? Need files to be written with group write permissions. I’m using snappy Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS on a NextCloud Box.


  • FreeNas sharing to NextCloud via WebDav. FreeNas only allows you to share WebDav using the webdav user.
  • On FreeNas, each dataset has permissions set as root owner and the dataset name as the group. e.g.: Owner: root. Group: projects.
  • Each user on the network has their own primary group (e.g. user: stephen. primary group: stephen).
  • Each user has an auxiliary group for each dataset (e.g. user: stephen. auxiliary groups: projects, assets…).

This allows us to restrict shares to certain users (e.g. if we have a freelancer in the office, they can’t access the finance dataset).

Unfortunately, when data is synced back to FreeNas through NextCloud via a client app, the files are written as read-only for the group.

Nobody? :confused:

Ah, never mind. After a bit of digging, I found it’s down to the write permissions FreeNAS uses (which unfortunately can’t be changed for the WebDAV user by the looks of it…).

To get around this, using SMB would be ideal… Has this been added to NextCloud snappy yet (currently using 11.0.1)? From what I’ve seen, 11.0.2 is the latest stable version? Am I right in thinking that the latest version will be automatically installed?

Never mind, answered my own question :slight_smile:

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