Change default photo folder to external storage?

Nextcloud version: 11.0.3
Operating system and version: unRAID 6.3.3 (Docker)

So far im diggin nextcloud. However there is one thing that could quickly become a showstopper for me. How can I make it so that the “Gallery” or “Photos” as its called on the iOS app, uses an external storage location by default?

My wife and I have been filling a Synology NAS for over 3 years with thousands and thousands of pictures, we would like to be able to use nextcloud to access them. On the web UI its fine, I can just click Gallery and then go to the external storage location that has my pictures.

However on the iOS app is when it becomes an issue. When I click “Photos” it just says there is nothing in there, I of course can browse the remote storage from the app, but that doesn’t give a very satisfying photo library feel, it just feels like im looking at a folder full of pictures.

Basically I don’t want to loose my current file structure, I cant move all our photos over anyway because the nextcloud server I built isn’t big enough, and we would really like to be able to keep our current setup intact as We still use Synology Photostation from time to time as well. But I need the app experience to feel natural, wife, and other family members aren’t going to enjoy a bunch fidgeting, they just want to click the photo button and see their photos.

Well, I found the answer to your problem Stratacast, browse to whatever folder you want to automatically upload to, swipe left on it, tap more, and select “folder for automatic upload”.

Unfortunately It seems there is no real answer to my problem, because that was part of it, but the other part of it is being able to get a “gallery” view when browsing other folders. From what I can see this doesn’t seem to be an option yet, someone correct me if im wrong. And if its not a feature yet, is it planned to be added?

Hey relink, it appears you are correct, there is currently not availability to view your other files in gallery view yet. I checked the github page for the iOS client and after a quick view I didn’t see anything on the table, but if you’re interested, you could suggest it :slight_smile: