Change date format?

Is it possible to change the date format Nextcloud is showing?
As it is now the modified date showing the format a day ago, a year ago, I would like to have it as the format such as 2018-09-03 and the time. Is it possible to change this?

I am currently running Nextcloud 13.2 on Ubuntu 14.04, PHP 7.0

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I agree with @indi, I do NOT want to see “3d ago”, I want the ability to see the date (in ISO format yyyy-mm-dd) and time (as hh:mm, seconds are not needed).

I am currently using Deck and it is very frustrating to try and calculate when a change was made or a commented added based on ‘23d ago’.

Ideally this would be a configurable item, that is, both whether to display as ‘date time’ or as ‘nn ago’ as well as date format and time format.

I’m currently using Deck too and it’s very frustrating trying to calculate when a change was made or a comment was added based on “23 days ago”.
But how is it possible that there is no method to change the formatting to display the date dd / mm / year?
Am I missing something?
Thanks a lot to anyone who can give me a suggestion

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