Change calendar standard to week view?

Dear Community,

is there a way to set the standard view of the Nextcloud calendar to week view? By default, the entire month always appears for me, which I find confusing. I would like to spare me having to activate the week view every time I call it up.

I use the usual desktop-PC browser interface (Firefox 84.0.2 (64-Bit), Windows 10)

Thank you for your feedback, N

Hi @n1n04,

Under Ubuntu Linux 20.04 / Firefox 84.0.2, switching the calendar view is persisted between browser sessions as expected.

Are you allowing cookies for your NC instance?

Thanks for your reply!

In general cookies are alowed in my firefox. I use the standard privacy setting that only blocks cross-site activity tracking. A trial in changing my firefox cookies-settings to “allow all” didn’t make a difference.

Should it be a firefox for windows issue? Is there a way to set cookie allowances apart from the preferences of my browser? Any special allowances to set within the nextcloud instance?


Hi @n1n04,

That was the only ‘easy’ suggestion I could think of.

Have you looked at the github issues for NC Calender?

There seems to be changes under NC20 that some don’t find agreeable maybe this is one such issue. I’m on NC19.

Shame on me and problem solved! I somehow set the wrong bookmark-link to my calendar that was:
instead of

It all works fine now. Thank you for the support!