Change admin group name to sys-admin

Only a minor request but actually I would really like to use the simple concise form of admin for what it is in next-cloud,
Those geeks who install app, set configurations and all manners of techy stuff I am not interested in :slight_smile:

The share mechanism in nextcloud is simplistic beauty and its my interpretation and manner of sharing with users and groups.

Currently Nextcloud is in a community centre / advocacy centre that is little more than a one man band and a bunch of volunteers. But in terms of what they provide with very little resources its huge.
Also the NGO / Volunteer mode is extremely dynamic and fast and everybody has to hit ground zero running.

Next cloud is wonderful for this and we have an extremely simple structure a sys-admin, admins (which really there is one), staff and clients.
The implementation is a new install and have not got onto other federated social bodies in our area yet, but I am thinking that actually that might come on line when they see how great Nextcloud is for this specific arena.

Any think of the current admin as the sys-admin and Nextcloud is all set up and what we are interested in is how the day to day process of sharing works.
Only admins can reshare in our organisation, staff will collate entities and share then to the admin group and the admin group will create the reshares.
Its just a really simple way to keep hold of some control as currently when a staff member leaves there password is purely changed to the global locked password we use.
Users are not deleted as we don’t want to lose entity shares and the sys-admin has said with a bit of database wizardy he can move those shares to the admins if user pruning becomes am issue, but keep it simple like this and then that process is relatively easy to accomplish.

Its only really small but the sys-admin who controls apps and stuff which is a very small part of the normal work process has appropriated a really clear and concise group name.
‘Admin’ is sort of clear and was going to use ‘Coordinator’, but really like the colour demarcation by first letter and ‘Clients’ have that one. So currently they are ‘Supervisors’ but actually they ain’t they are ‘Admins’ and they administrate and don’t supervise.

So I thought I would mention it as its only a very small gripe but can the ‘Sys-admins’ be Sys-admins?

Also I mentioned this as it leads me to this and the below will make more sense now.

With users can we have a method to lock users so they are not visible but their shares act as normal?
Yeah you can just change the password to a global lockout password but, from that point they are merely clutter.

Also when it comes to pruning would it be possible for the Sys-admin on deactivation of a user to be able allocate the shares to another before deletion?
The second option would probably be better as then the system doesn’t have to make queries if that user is visible or not and would have no impact on the system and keep it optimised.

Yes, it is.

occ files:transfer-ownership user1 user2

This transfers all files from user1 to user2, and the shares and metadata info associated with those files (shares, tags, comments, etc). Trashbin contents are not transferred.

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