Change a Users Home/Primary Folder to a SMB Folder


i’m new in nextcloud, i installed Nextcloud Hub 8 (29.0.2).

I added an external storage (SMB) that i created with OpenMediaVault. Its already mounted.

Now i want to find a setting that allows me to set this SMB Folder as Primary (or “Home”) folder for different users. They should only have access to that SMB Folder. Is that possible?

Thank you!

This actually contradicts Nextcloud. It is called external storage and also external storage does not have the integrated user management of Nextcloud.

However, you can perhaps set the quota to 0 B (0 bytes). Then the users may only have access to SMB. Sorry i do not use SMB/CIFS external storage. A time ago i used local.

If possible, I would personally always favour Nextcloud storage, then local and only then SMB. I am not a fan of rebuilding old structures with Nextcloud. I prefer to invent new structures. I think I would prefer to use Nextcloud storage and SMB storage separately, even if that might be more work for the user. And if Nextcloud is then accepted, I would replace SMB completely.

With your idea, your users might as well stay with SMB directly, as many of the advantages of Nextcloud cannot be realised. Perhaps you can also set a quota of e.g. 100 MB or 1 GB for each user. That’s not really a lot of storage depending on the number of users. Then your users can try out both and in the end decide for themselves in favour of Nextcloud storage or SMB.