Chainging default app = redirect loop

Whenevre I change the default app in Nextcloud 10.0.1 (in config: ‘defaultapp’ => ‘documents’,), I run in a redirect loop after loggin in.

Anybody having an idea how to prevent that?

Can you check your logfiles for errors. If you don’t use your own default app, can you open the documents app without problems?

the documents-app is accesible and works totally fine.

i’ve got one error in the logs, but as far as i can gather it’s unrelated to this issue, because it pops up in both cases (changed defaultapp vs. no changes):
opendir(/tmp): failed to open dir:
Permission denied at /.../lib/private/TempManager.php#189

Could be, you can set a different temp-directory in your config/config.php to somewhere, Nextcloud has full access:

         * Override where Nextcloud stores temporary files. Useful in situations where
         * the system temporary directory is on a limited space ramdisk or is otherwise
         * restricted, or if external storages which do not support streaming are in
         * use.
         * The Web server user must have write access to this directory.
        'tempdirectory' => '/tmp/nextcloudtemp',

that got rid of the errors in the log, but unfortunately the problem with the defaultapp still preveils …