Certificate renwel issues

I get the following on my ios nextcloud app:

The certificate for this server is invalid, Do you want to connect to the server anyway?

Firefox gives this warning :


any advice?

yes: renew your certificate.

if you wanna have more detailed info on that feel free to either search the forum or apply more info to your request (you deleted the template that asked for it. so I bet you knew what you’re doing)

You can use cerbot (if you have shell access) to generate a certificate. Cerbot automatically renew your certificate !

there’s a built-in tool for that in ncp.

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Thank you and of course, you are right, I was silly in not saying that I use NCP which until now renewed the cert automatically.
I suppose the question is for someone who does not know anything about this what do I need to do now - what should I investigate, etc.
I hope this clarifies it a little?

thank you. I have shell access. Until now the renewing was automatic.
So do you mind explaining on how can I use the shell to renew the cert?
Thank you

have you just restarted the renewal-process from your ncp webgui? you’re gonna see a message if it was sucessful or not.
if not successful post this message here

Thank you - I went ahead to the NCP admin panel and initiated a letsencrypt challenge.
It works now.
My point is - why did it happen? I never had this issue before.
Thanks again.

I can’t tell you why it didn’t renew itself. You’d need to check the logs.
Or pay more attention to the messages your instances sents you.

Main thing for now is: it works again. yay.

thank you.
i’ll have a look at the logs if I can find it…

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