Certbot: How to revoke a certificate on a server

I was wondering if it is possible to delete a certificate associated with a domain on a server provided by a CA (the domain would be collabora.asketic.ovh). From where could I eliminate it? With certbot revoke I think what I would do is eliminate it from a local machine, but only in it, since in the server it would be maintained (at least it is what I believe, that someone rectifies me if I’m not right). Anyway, to see if anyone knows how to solve this.

Thanks for the answers, greetings!

It’s not really clear what you want to do. Normally, you revoke a certificate if your private key was stolen or lost so that someone could pretend to be you. If you just don’t want to use it any more, you just don’t use it, there is no need to revoke it (often, you have to pay to revoke a certificate).

Surely, you can delete a certificate on your server. I would keep a backup somewhere.