Ceph - native librados support

is there any chance, that ceph as a backend will be supported via librados?
It is an enterprise feature within owncloud. How will nextcloud handle it?

Cheers Jonas

P.S. Looking forward to nextcloud!


Can’t this already be done by mounting a ceph filesystem to owncloud/data :slight_smile: ?

@BernhardPosselt I believe @MrRagga is referring to the object storage portion, not cephfs. It would be excellent if there were an abstraction layer for object storage, like we have with PDO and databases.

Now that cephFS is sort of stable the solution with mounting a cephFS is a good workaround. Still cephFS is only using the underlaying storage engine. Accessing that directly might be more efficient. That’s what’s proposed via supporting librados afaik.

like this?

owncloud/rados: Use CEPH as primary storage via librados


@BernhardPosselt: You are right. But cephfs has been considered stable with the Jewel version (latest). What about waiting for at least some further versions before using it in production :wink:

@Yanno_Tetswor: I’ve tried exactly this app (beta) with owncloud. It did not work well at all. Can’t remember the details, but willing to test again if there is some interest.

With owncloud I ended up creating a rbd device, which worked quite well with ext4 as well as with xfs. Performance was pretty good as well as online resizing went smooth. Thus I would prefer rbd prior to cephfs right now.
But as @stp stated correctly the native approach is via librados. CephFS as well as rbd can be seen as a “middleware” in between, which itself represents a client implementation using librados. This picture illustrates the differences pretty good http://docs.ceph.com/docs/master/_images/stack.png.

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:thumbsup: for an abstraction layer for any kind of backends.

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