Central File Store Use Case

I have a use case that I want to validate as I think it may be slightly different from how NextCloud operates. I have a common file repository to be shared across a team who access files in that structure based on agreed rules/permissions. The difference is I get the impression Nextcloud operates more with files on a per user share basis as opposed to a central repository that all users commonly access. I guess I could find a way to disable “personal files” per user and have one user account designated as the “repository account” where all the files are stored and then shared from there. Is there another (better) suggestion on how this can be done? Is there another product/tool similar to NextCloud that would be a better fit for this use case?


I think you want to use the app „Group Folders“ which pretty much covers your usecase.
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Thanks. Will check it out. Is there a way to create those group folders on Amazon S3 or some other type of external storage? I like the option of keeping the data separate so the file store remains independent in case I need to rebuild the instance or switch to a different service. Plus also looking to optimize storage cost as the repository grows.

The Group folders reside in the same dir as the user homes.

Checkout syncthing.