Carnet, new Notes sync

Hi all, I am having a play with the new Carnet app, which has just been uploaded to the app store today.

I have created an account on the website. I have also grabbed the Android APK file and downloaded it to my mobile and installed it.

Have also installed it on my nextcloud instance, I can sync from Android to the live website, but I’m not sure what the url string is on the nextcloud side.


Regardless, it looks very promising.

Did you figured out?
I installed Carnet to my Android from F-Droid app, then just logged in to my NextCloud (url, username, password) and synchronization goes ok beetwen Carnet app in my Nextcloud and Android app.

What is your url? That seems to be my issue.

OK, I got it working. It was my Android app. I got the latest one off f-droid, that works a treat. This is really good. Thanks for your help.

Use this Carnet hosted Nextcloud instance to test the app. It is available at

Carnet is officially listed in the Nextcloud App Store
Android app available on Google Play and F-Droid
Linux app 32-bit / 64-bit and Daily builds available. Linux build uses Electron.
Windows and MacOS clients TBD.

Nice app. Like it.

I like the UI. It does the auto-sync job instantly. However, it makes my mobile hot and drain my battery quickly. Not my cup of tea sadly. :sob:

can you please tell a bit more how you fixed the problem? my phone says my credentials are wrong (I tried it several times and I’m they are correct)

Firstly, don’t use the Carnet app from the google play store, Get it off f-droid.
It should install and work normally, so long as you have your NextCloud credentials loaded.
I’m no longer using NextCloud so I’m not here as often.

Cool stuff. Can you put the links also in Carnet’s Nextcloud App Store page? That’d be super useful :slight_smile:

Having the same problem with the nextcloud credentials.

What is the exact URL to configure? If < server > points to my nextcloud root folder, is it:

  1. < server > or
  2. < server >/remote.php/webdav or
  3. < server >/remote.php/webdav/<path to carnet folder - root>

Would be nice to have an example! On a lighter note I’m using a self-signed certificate. Could that be the problem?

EDIT: I tried both, the Playstore as well as the F-Droid version … both showing the exact same symptoms. That is also true for the desktop version by the way, no connect here as well.

Same here.
I tried with the F-Droid APK with both the Nextcloud app & the instance.

I cannot sync :confused:

when I try Sync with cloud storage I’m ask Nextcloud credentials. Then I get AccountConfigActivity where I can only press on Remote folder / and I’ll get Pick Folder button, but nothing happens.

there’s an open issue at Github: Can’t get the Carnet mobile app connected with Nextcloud and dev suggest trying another APK untill fix.

I think i’ve solved that,
previoulsy, i write my url like https://domain.tld/nextcloud/ & i view when i click to “new account” url https://domain.tld/nextcloud//index.php (double / ),
So i make domain to

https://domain.tld/nextcloud (without final / )

and it’s works.