CardDAV SyncService causes errors

Hello everybody.

I use Nextcloud version 19.0.3. on CentOS 7 with PHP 7.4
and I have the following problem. The following PHP errors are entered in the log of my Nextcloud every day at the same time:

Trying to access array offset on value of type null at /…/apps/dav/lib/CardDAV/SyncService.php#126


Invalid argument supplied for foreach() at /…/apps/dav/lib/CardDAV/SyncService.php#111

I use the contact app and davx5 on my Android for my phone book. The synchronization works perfectly. I cannot find any errors, but the above errors are still entered every day at the same time.

In line 111 of SyncService.php:

foreach ($response[‘response’] as $resource => $status) {

In line 126 of SyncService.php:

return $response[‘token’];

It may be obvious to one or the other, but I’m really excited right now.

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